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12 week Furlough Fighter Challenge

If you are on Furlough, there are no guarantees that you can get back to work anytime soon. You don't know what the future holds and you are scared you may be made redundant, a bit lost, and at best, at a loose end. Well, I have been made redundant in the past and I feel your pain, and I want to help. I have compiled all my best learning into one place, as well as added some new content and material to help you on your journey to protect your job, raise your game and defend your position so you come out stronger. It may not seem like it now, but by the time you have gone through this you will be a better version of yourself, more confident, more qualified and in a better place to take on your challenges, no matter what they may be.
12 Week Furlough Fighter Challenge

What's included?

  • 12 x Tutorials
  • 12 x Elearning Courses
  • 12 x PDF Cheat Sheets
  • 12 x Rich Media Resources


Active learning is 80% more effective than passive consumption, so please engage with the community, ask questions in the chat and let us know if you need any help.

Bonus Resources

In the resources section you will find additional links, tools, resources that we have added to your course for free, as a bonus.

Martin Knowles

After studying Law (LLB 2.1 Honurs) I combined my passions for IT and Learning as a technical trainer in a small Tech Startup and was fascinated by how people think and learn as well as how to get return on investment from training. So, I began to take static content out of the classroom and focus on experiences that enabled people to practice and real-play learning rather than simply consume content. My courses increased pass rates for technical training by 300% and I won awards for the Best Training and Development in Europe. 

I then focused my attention on management development, coaching and training over 2,000 managers and leaders in a  career spanning 20years, identifying optimum ways to accelerate learning and capitalise on natural talents.

As well as running my own boutique learning consultancy and online learning platform, I enjoy building programmatic learning solutions that support managers, learners, leaders and professionals to identify and develop their strengths, improve their personal performance and positively impact business results.
Martin Knowles - Founder
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