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12 week Furlough Fighter Challenge

They say the best defence is a good offence. At no time is that more true than now. A second lockdown in the UK and most of Europe, and winter weather on its way, as well as Brexit around the corner you could be excused from thinking that life looks bleak. Fear not, there are ways to prevent a downturn in your circumstances and ways to turn your situation to your advantage. Whether you are on furlough, or at risk of redundancy, or simply preparing for the worst, hunker down and gather your resources to be ready for anything!
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What you are going to learn

This is why you should take this course:

If you are on Furlough, at risk of redundancy or simply preparing for the worst you need to be at your best now more than ever. It may be the opposite of how you feel, but you must stand up and be counted. There are many people who will do nothing, will make no effort to prepare and will not be ready. They will complain that life is unfair and that the government should protect them when the inevitable happens, wasting countless hours on facebook or twitter bemoaning the state of affairs. Trust me when I say that mindless activity is a waste of your time and your skills and will lead to absolutely nothing.  

Instead, turn all your activity into productivity. Learn new skills, practice old ones, use the time wisely to add value to your personal offer, your USP, your toolkit. Engage and motivate yourself and others, set challenging goals that can demonstrate your personal and professional performance, build your support network, seek to improve your impact, drive agendas and solve your problems whilst being open to opportunities around the corner. Renew old relationships, draw on previous success, connect with colleagues, and open the door to new learning and new relationships. Now that is what winners are made of!
Are you worried, concerned or struggling with dealing with Furlough or the prospects of Furlough? Do you face difficulties in organising or motivating yourself? You are definitely not alone facing these issues. After attending this course you will:
  • Instantly improve your profile and Communicate the Right Message to your employer and/or future employers
  • Get More Done so you balance your work and home life, take time to consider and capitalise on opportunities
  • Engage with Yourself and Others, engaging with people that can help you grow your network and your organisational value
  • Set Yourself Challenging Goals that stretch and develop your skills to demonstrate your worth to an organisation
  • Identify ways to Build your Network, to reach out and engage with others and communicate your requirements
  • Seek ways to Increase Your Value, build a portfolio of work, review your success and identify opportunities
  • Increase your Personal Impact and Influence, prepare for conversations and potentially interviews and recruitment processes
  • Learn to Drive your Agenda, build your self esteem and present yourself appropriately to employers and prospective employers
  • Get to the Heart of Your Problems, and work through methods that solve them
  • Open Yourself to Learning new techniques that can raise your game and increase your chance of improving your career

What's included?

  • 12 x Tutorials
  • 12 x Elearning Courses
  • 12 x PDF Cheat Sheets
  • 12 x Rich Media Resources


Active learning is 80% more effective than passive consumption, so please engage with the community, ask questions in the chat and let us know if you need any help.

Bonus Resources

In the resources section you will find additional links, tools, resources that we have added to your course for free, as a bonus.

Become a Super Learner

Learn how to step outside the doom and gloom and capitalise on the skills you need to accelerate your professional career. Thrive in your situation, change your perspective and get the most from your circumstances.

I know what it is like

I am not a fantasist. I have been made redundant and I understand grief and loss more than most. I have been at my lowest when losing a loved one and my job, and jeopardising my relationships.  I can tell you now without hesitation. Whatever happens you can get through it, and you can come out of it stronger. You can use your time to learn, use your time to prepare and use your time to improve your position. I know, because I did. I have gone from less than £6k to £6figures in 6 months using the thinking and methods that I am going to share with you. It is possible, it is a journey and you can do it.

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